How to Hack Android Games Using Cheat Engine?

If you want to play computer games is not entirely honest, but do not know how to do it, then this article is for you. Today we will tell you how to hack various games using specialized software. We will do this using the Cheat Engine.

Immediately we want to pay attention to the fact that in some cases when using the specified program you can get a ban. Therefore, it is best to first check the performance of the hack on some new account, which will not be a pity to lose if something happens.

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Learning to work with the Cheat Engine

The hacking program we are considering is very functional. With it, you can perform many different tasks. But most of them will require a certain amount of knowledge, for example, experience with HEX (Hex). We will not burden you with various terms and teachings, so just tell you about the general techniques and methods of using the Cheat Engine.

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Changing values in the game

This feature is the most popular of the entire arsenal of the Cheat Engine. It allows you to change almost any value in the game as needed. This can be health, armor, the amount of ammunition, money, character coordinates and much more. You should understand that the use of this function is far from always successful. The reason for the failure can be both your mistake and the reliable protection of the game (if we consider online projects). Nevertheless, you can still try to crack the indicators. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Download from the official Cheat Engine website, after which we install it on a computer or laptop, and then start it.
  • You will see the following picture on your desktop.

  • Now you should start the client with the game or open one in the browser (if we are talking about web applications).
  • After the game is launched, you need to decide on the indicator of what exactly you want to change. For example, this is some kind of currency. We look in the inventory and remember its current value. In the example below, this value is 71,315.
  • Now back to the running cheat Engine. It is necessary to find a button with a computer image in the main window. Until the first press, this button will have a blinking stroke. Click on it once with the left mouse button.

  • As a result, a smaller window appears with a list of running applications. From this list you need to select the line of the left mouse button that is responsible for the game. You can navigate by the icon to the left of the name, and if one is missing, then by the name of the application itself. As a rule, the name contains the name of the application or the word “Game Client”. After choosing the desired position, click on the “Open” button, which is located slightly lower.

  • In addition, you can also select the desired game from the list of processes or open windows. To do this, just go to one of the tabs with the appropriate name at the top.

  • When the game is selected from the list, the program will take just a couple of seconds to conduct the so-called injection of libraries. If she succeeds, at the very top of the main window of the Cheat Engine the name of the application that you selected earlier will be displayed.

  • Now you can proceed directly to the search for the desired value and its further editing. To do this, in the field with the name “Value” we enter the value that we previously remembered and which we want to change. In our case, it is 71,315.

  • Next, click the “First Scan” button, which is located above the input field.
  • To make the search results more accurate, you can set the pause option in the game during the scan. This is not necessary, but in some cases it helps to narrow down the list of options. To enable this function, just check the box next to the corresponding line. We noted it in the image below.

  • By clicking on the “First Scan” button, after a short period of time, you will see all the results found on the left side of the program in the form of a kind of list.

  • Only one address is responsible for the search value. Therefore, it is necessary to weed out the excess. To do this, return to the game and change the numerical value of the currency, lives, or what you want to change. If this is some kind of currency, then just buying or selling something is enough. It doesn’t matter which way the value changes. In the example, after the manipulations we got the number 71 281.
  • We return again to the Cheat Engine. In the line “Value”, where we previously entered the value 71 315, now we indicate the new number – 71 281. Having done this, click the “Next Scan” button. It is located slightly above the input line.

  • With the best layouts, you will see only one line in the list of values. If there are several of these, then it is necessary to repeat the previous paragraph again. This refers to changing the value in the game, entering a new number in the “Value” field and re-searching through “Next Scan”. In our case, everything worked out the first time.

  • Select the found address with a single left-click. After that, click on the button with the red arrow. We noted it in the screenshot below.

  • The selected address will move to the bottom of the program window, where you can make further edits. To change the value, double-click the left mouse button on the part of the line where the numbers are.

  • A small window will appear with a single input field. In it we write the value that you want to get. For example, you want 1,000,000 money. It is this number that we write. Confirm the action by pressing the “OK” button in the same window.

  • We return back to the game. If everything is done correctly, then the changes will immediately take effect. You will see approximately the following picture.
  • In some cases, it is necessary to once again change the numerical value in the game (buy, sell, etc.) in order for the new parameter to take effect.

That’s actually the whole methodology for finding and changing the desired parameter. When scanning and dropping out parameters, we advise you not to change the program default settings. This requires deeper knowledge. And without them, you simply cannot achieve the desired result.

Turn on Speed Hack

Speed Hack is a change in the speed of movement, shooting, flight and other parameters in the game. With the help of the Cheat Engine, this is absolutely easy.

  • We go into the game in which you need to change the speed.
  • Next, we return to the previously launched Cheat Engine. Click on the button in the form of a computer with a magnifying glass in the upper left corner. We mentioned it in the previous section.

  • Choose your game from the list that appears. For it to appear in this list, you must first run it. Selecting the application, click the “Open” button.
  • If protection allows the program to connect to the game, then you will not see any message on the screen. At the top of the window, the name of the connected application is only displayed.

  • On the right side of the Cheat Engine window you will find the “Enable Speed hack” line. Put a mark in the checkbox next to this line.

  • If the attempt to turn on is successful, you will see a line for input and a slider below. You can change the speed both upwards and even lower it to zero. To do this, enter the desired speed value in the line or set it using the slider by dragging the latter.

  • In order for the changes to take effect, you need to click the “Apply” button after selecting the desired speed.

  • After that, your speed in the game will change. In some cases, the speed increases not only yours, but also everything that happens in the game world. In addition, sometimes the server does not have time to process such requests, as a result of which there are some jerks and twitches. This is due to the protection of the game, and unfortunately, it is impossible to get around this.

  • If you need to disable Speed hack, then just close the Cheat Engine or unchecked the box next to the line in the program window.

In such a simple way, you can quickly run, shoot and carry out other actions in the game.

This article is about to end. We told you about the main and most sought after features of Cheat Engine. But this does not mean that the program is no longer capable of anything. In fact, its capabilities are very great (compiling trainers, working with a hex, replacing packages, and so on). But this will require much more knowledge, and explaining such manipulations in a language that is understandable to all is not so simple. We hope you succeed in achieving your goals. And if you need advice or advice – you are welcome in the comments on this article.