Best 5 Top Cleaner & Booster Apps To Increase Android Phone Speed in 2018

In the digital age our technology is much improves, everything gone smarter and much more improve than the previous one. We all know that Android is the one of the best operating system for smart phone and tablet. Its contain thousand of good quality feature. But some time every Android user facing a common problem which called hanging or slow run. This is due to your continuously installing/ uninstalling lots of Apps, Games on your Android device. Those Apps are generally slow your device. Even if you have very little number of Apps, your Android device is slow down due to caching residual files, garbage files, junk files etc what’re really slow your device. It’s very difficult to delete or remove those files from your Android phone.

Then you need to remove clean them and boost your Android device. Hare we’re collected the best 5 Cleaner & Booster Apps and you must try them. Also read and download Top Web Browser for Android.

Best 5 Android Optimizer Apps To Boosts Android Phone Performance


Here we discus about best 5 Android Optimizer Apps to Boosts Android Phone Performance, by using those Apps you can clean and boost your android or tablet device.

Clean Master (free)

Clean Master is one of the best cleaner and maintenance tool for Android. That why it’s called all in one Apps. This app will help you to clean residual files, unused files, cache, search history and uninstalling Apps, this Apps acts as an antivirus also that means by the using of Clean Master clean yours phone viruses. With the help of the App manager you can uninstall bloat ware or unwanted Apps and backup installed Apps to shear or use letter to download.
                                          Click hear to download Clean Master

DU Speed Booster (free) 

The DU Speed Booster is quite similar features as Clean Master. DU Speed Booster contain antivirus, increase storage space, speed and RAM boots. Clean junk and cache file. This Apps boots your phone up to 60%. DU Speed Booster App is great for cleaning. You can use this App to save your phone battery, accelerate your device, manage your Apps, run speed and secure your device.
If your Android is rooted then, by using DU Speed Booster you can uninstall useless system Apps which will make your phone faster.
                                                 Click hear to download DU Speed Booster

Android Booster (free)

 Android Booster is one of the popular Apps for Android phone. Android Booster helps to clean & maintain your Android phone or tablets. This App will optimize your smart phone in the best possible way that will automatically improve the Android system performance. Android Booster has the battery manager utilities for your Android phone and has single click optimization feature will optimize your devices completely. This App also contains file manager, Network manager, App manager tools and also Antivirus tools such as virus scanner.
                                          Click hear to download Android Booster 

C cleaner

 The most popular PC and MAC optimization tool, C cleanerand the tool is also available for android devices. The main function is the cleaner feature that compares cache data from apps, purge empty folders and delete browser and phone history. C cleaner is a simple interface for picking multiple Apps for uninstall. The system into page monitors your smart phones resources (CPU, RAM, device details) so you can see what’s going on at a quick glance. No root is necessary and it’s completely free. It may be a bit light on the features thus being over shadowed by clean master, but it is good alternative if all you need is a quick way to reclaim in your Android phone storage.

                                                      Click hear to download Ccleaner 

CM Speed Booster

CM Speed Booster is one of the most important Apps to make your android phone faster. This App is the smallest booster in the world, just 2MB. So it’s give you more space for videos & photos, speed up your device in one touch. You can fix shutdown problem on your android phone, cool your device by stopping unnecessary Apps. Clean your junk file & residual files to reclaim storage.
                                          Click hear to download CM Speed Booster


I hope those cleaner & Booster Apps help you to increase speed of your android or Tablet phone. By using those Apps your Android phone will smoother and faster than previous one. If you have any quires, please contact with us through the comment box and don’t forget to shear.

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