Pillow for side sleepers: The best pillows and guides

One of the most important questions you should definitely clear up before you go on a pillow search is how you sleep at all.

Cushions for side sleepers are of course not only suitable for side sleepers but for back or abdominal sleepers there are simply better alternatives. Should you be unsure if you are really side sleepers?

If you really do not know, there is a mobile app called Lapse it. This app always takes a photo in a set rhythm. Just point your phone on the bed and take a photo every 30 or 60 minutes. Alternatively, you can simply ask your partner if this is too costly for you. Incidentally, about 60% of all people are side sleepers, the chances of being one, so are good. It becomes more difficult for people who take the side position due to an acute situation. These can e.g. coming from back pain, but also by overweight and not to forget, even pregnant women sleep at a certain time mostly on the side.

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Problems with a wrong pillow

How important the influence of a good mattress is on the quality of our sleep is what most people know. Many people do not know that the pillow is at least as important. Thereby, a false cushion, e.g. too low or too high is causing various problems, especially people sleeping on the side. In the side position, the distance between your head and the mattress without pillows is very high. Without a cushion of the right height, your muscles and spine are likely to over-stretch in one direction or the other. As a result, your muscles can not relax and regenerate. This can result in headaches, neck pain, back pain, lack of concentration and many other unpleasant side effects.

Not to mention, your sleep becomes more restless and you are less recovered. Often you hear about people with a false pillow, they would feel like they’ve been working all day in the morning. The tricky thing about this situation is that it usually looks in the wrong place for the cause of these symptoms. Even the doctors often do not have the pillow on the screen. And anyone who has had such problems knows how to screw up the day. Reason enough to try it with a side sleeper pillow. Many more side sleeper cushions and information can be found in my side sleeper pillow test.

Long side sleeper pillow

If you’re a side sleeper, you may have noticed that you often pinch the blanket between your legs to prevent the knees from pressing against each other. Another problem is that one leg is always on top, creating tension on the hips and surrounding muscles. But even for that there is a solution and the so-called side sleeper pillows. These cushions are extra long and offer, besides the headboard, a long spur on which you can then put down your knee. Have you never seen such a pillow? A well known and popular XXL side sleeper pillow is e.g. the my7 *. By the way, especially with pregnant women, these pillows are very popular. As different as the different pillows are, they are all specially tailored to the needs of side-sleepers.

Types of side sleeper pillows

There are basically endless different types of pillows that are suitable for side sleepers. In any case, I want to show you what I think are the most important.

Cervical pillow

You may have already seen a neck support pillow. They are easily recognizable by their distinctive shape. The neck support pillows have a rectangular format and the two bulges at the outer edges is in the middle of the pillow a recess for the head. The big advantage of these cushions is the solid material which often adapts perfectly to the head and thus works best against neck tension and pain. Here are two very popular neck support pillows from Tempur and Buddysleep.

Pillow for side sleepers

The special wave form of the neck support pillow is certainly not the right thing for everyone. Of course there are alternatives. For example, the simple sleeping cushions for side sleepers.

These pillows are also slightly higher and filled with stronger material. Sleep cushions made of memory foam are not uncommon. These cushions also fulfill the important function of supporting the head and preventing it from falling over and overstretching. Two frequently purchased pillows of this kind would be e.g. the two following sleeping cushions which are also called neck support cushions but do not have the distinctive shape of the orthopedic neck cushions. Many other pillows that are well suited for side sleepers, can also be found in my pillow test with many tips and test winners.

Also pay attention to the mattress

Here is one last tip from me on the topic of pillows for side sleepers, because sometimes it is not enough just to put on a good cervical pillow. The best pillow will not do you any good if you have the wrong or an old saggy mattress. Even the best pillows cannot make up for the wrong mattress. Also pay attention to special shoulder areas that are often found on new mattresses. These areas are often more padded to prevent the shoulders from sinking deeply. Such a shoulder zone should be considered when choosing the pillow.