How To Fix Google Maps GPS Not Working Properly On Android & iPhone

Some time we may facing error l;like android gps not working,. Android phones have made GPS even better and increased the reliability of this technology.If you encounter a problem with your device GPS, everything from the Android GPS may not work at all or the GPS will show a wrong location. Let’s look down for fix Android GPS problems to make sure that our GPS works as expected when we choose a road trip.

Fix Google Maps GPS Not Working


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How to fix GPS issues on Android devices In 2019

android gps not working

  •  Turn off your GPS


how to fix gps location on android

The easiest and quickest way to solve your problem is gps not working. You can turn the GPS on or off using your phone’s notification feature. Drag the notification screen down and look for the GPS icon. Turn it off and wait at least 5 seconds. Turn on the GPS and let it search for the location again. Check if the problem you were facing has been resolved.

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  • Switch flight mode


gps not working android

gps not working android

Many users have found that switching airplane mode can be helpful in solving GPS problems. The airplane mode is easy to toggle by accessing the notification area of your phone and then searching for the airplane mode icon. Turn it on and wait 15-20 seconds before turning it off again. This will allow the network connections to start all over again and it will be helpful to fix simple GPS errors.

  •  Restart your Android device

You can fix many problems with a reboot. A reboot helps the phone to update its settings, and it fixes some of the bugs we have with our phones. Restart your Android device and try using the GPS again. You may find that the GPS problem has been resolved by a simple reboot. This is especially useful if you are looking for a location quickly and do not have time for too many troubleshooting steps.

During the restart, the Android GPS is not working to fix the problem, sometimes these problems reoccur. If the same problem occurs frequently, you need to check the other solutions for a permanent fix.

  • Clear map cache and data to fix GPS issues on Android

Sometimes the cache files and data files created on Google Maps for your device may be corrupted. This can cause a problem for your GPS and it can behave abnormally. To solve this problem, you need to clear the cache and data for cards.

So, if you want to make a note of something important, you must do so before deleting the data files for the cards.

  • Go to the settings menu > find the application manager and tap it
  • In the Apps Downloaded tab > find  Google Maps> click Empty cache> now tap Clear Data.

Once you have cleared all data and cache files, restart your phone and use GPS again. Check if the problem you were facing has been resolved.

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How You Can update GPS data

 Updating the GPS data can solve this problem. For that purpose you can use Third party Apps like GPS Status & Toolbox.

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Final Words

So friends it’s easy way to fix android gps not working. We’re hoping it’s the grate way to learn’ why is my location wrong on my android phone’? Try all the above methods on your device to fix google maps not working.

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