How to Fix iPhone 6/7/8S Plus Touch Screen Freezing/ Not working/ Responding

World smartest Smart phone is iPhone which is designed and make by Apple Inc. Although some of the iPhone 6/ 6S plus user are facing common problem like iPhone touch screen not working or not responding. This kind of issue is generally known as iPhone freezing. If you’re that person who faces iPhone 6S freezes problem then doesn’t panic keep cum and read the whole article. Hare we’re describe all the successive and working way to fix this iPhone 6/6S/6S Plus Touch Screen Freezing or not working or not responding issue.


Reason of iPhone Freezing/ Not working/ Not Responding

Some of  the  iphone user  are facing this  problem  and  some  are  not. There are mainly four reasons for iPhone 6//6S plus freezes.
iPhone Screen Not working
1.      High storage in your phone.
2.      Uninstalled update
3.      Bellow 10 %  battery charge
4.      Buggy   Application

Fix iphone 6/6s Plus Touch Screen    Not Responding/ Not Working/ Frozen

Hare we describe four methods to solve your frozen iphone problem. So get started.  
Method – 1

Fix iphone 6/6s Plus Touch Screen    Not Responding/ Not Working/ Freezes By Restart your iPhone

If your iPhone is frozen then you need to hard restart of your device. The simple steps you need to do for hard restart.
1.      Press and hold home bottom and power bottom together of your iphone until the Apple logo appear on your screen. [this process will takes 10sec – 15sec]
2.      That’s it, hard restart of your phone is done and after that it’ll automatically open your pone.
Method – 2

Fix iphone 6/6s Plus Touch Screen    Not Responding/ Not Working/ Frozen By Restart your iPhone

The above method is not working on your device then something big issue with your phone then you need to hard reset on your device. So follow the bellow steps for do those.
1.      Go to your phone setting > scroll down and tap General > again scroll down up to last option Reset > click on Reset All The Setting
2.      Now it’ll ask password. So type password
3.      Now your iphone will start reset all your old setting and get fresh setting and its take couple of minutes.
N.B: in this process you’ll lose some of your old data like wallpaper, Wi-Fi password, touch ID but all data will remain intact.
Method – 3

Restore Factory Setting or Update your iPhone Software to Solve iphone 6/6s Plus Touch Screen Not Responding/ Not Working/ Freezing

If the above two method is not working sill there is another method to fix   iphone Freezing.  In this method you   needed to complete restore factor setting or update your device. But after this method your phone will lose   all your   phone documence or data.
1.      Open phone setting > scroll down and click on iCloud > again scroll down and click   on Find My iPhone > Turn it on.
2.      Now connect  iphone  with  PC  by data  cable and drop down into iTunes
3.      In iTunes  top of the left side   you will  see a  option ‘iPhone’ and  click on  it
4.      Once you   done you  can see two option check for update and Restore iphone
5.      Click Restore  iPhone
6.      Now  your phone  will restore  all the settings
7.      That’s it.
Method – 4

Contact With Official Apple Help Center to fix iPhone 6/6S Plus Touch Screen Freezing

This is the ultimate and fine steps to solve iPhone freezing issue.  All above entire process is not worked on your device and you’ve to do nothing then contact with Apple help center.


That’s all; try above process to solve iPhone 6/6S/6S Plus Touch Screen freezing/ not working/ responding problem. Apple itself tries to solve iPhone 6/6S Plus Freezingissue and update her software. So regularly update your iphone software when it informed you. If you enquiry any other question about this issue that comment us through bellow comment box.