Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working/Responding (Update)

At the recent time the Microsoft declare that Windows 10 beats the most popular Windows version which is known as Windows 7. Yes! Now Windows 10 the most popular and most of the user like to work on it. But sometimes some of the user facing problem like Windows 10 taskbar not responding. It’s not a big issue but taskbar

is very helpful to quickly access mostly using Apps or folder. So if you facing problem like Windows 10 taskbar not working and try to fix it than carefully read and follow the given simple instructions. You may also want to know How To Fix Google chrome 404 errors


Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working/Responding

Before starting the article about Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working/Responding you must know some FAQ about Windows 10 Taskbar.

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FAQ 1: What is Taskbar?

A bar is seen bottom of your computer screen where lot of files browser and App and store to easily access mostly using task.

FAQ 2: How to add files/ Application in Taskbar

You can add any Apps or file in the taskbar for that click on that and right click on it and select the option’ add to taskbar’.

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 FAQ 3: How to Hide Taskbar?

If you want to hide taskbar right click on taskbar and select the option properties at the bottom and enable the option ‘auto hide taskbar’.

How to fix windows 10 task bar not working or responding

Step1: You have to open your Task manager by holding ctrl + Shift+ Esc 
Step2: Now look at for windows explorer
Step3: Now right click on windows Explorer and tap the option Restart.
Step4: Finally automatically your Windows 10 taskbar will start working.
So friends that are the best process I ever seen to solve your windows 10 task bar not responding problem. Use on your PC and if this process don’t work then inform us through comment box we will update our article by another method as soon as possible.  

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