Top 110+ Best Ever Funny Things/ Questions to Ask Siri in 2019

Best Ever Funny Things to Ask Siri
Siri is the best mordant evolution of Siri Inc. which is invent in 4th October 2011 in USA. Initially Siri is available only for Apple 4S but after 2012 Siri include almost every Apple device. Simply Siri is a voice controlled personal assistance of Apple who can give answer any time of your any question in funny way. It’s best partner to reduce your loneliness.  You can ask anything to Siri but we’re allows curiosity to make some fun with any mater. That’s why to create some funny moment with Siri; we’re asked some stupid things to Siri. Now the problem is which kind of question you can ask and which are the funniest question to ask Siri.

That’s why to solve your curiosity we’re collected huge number of best ever funny thing to ask Siri in 2017. So read continue.

Best 110+ Funny Questions to Ask Siri In 2019

Hare we are collected more than 100 best ever funny questions to ask Siri. So read those funny questions and apply them with Siri.  

Funny Things to Ask Siri


1.      Will you marry me?
2.      Are you woman?
3.      Yes or No?
4.      Are you depressed?
5.      Who’re you?
6.      Blue pill or Red pill.
7.      Can you sing?
8.      Can you dance?
9.      Do you love me?
10.  Are you intelligent?
11.  Who made you?
12.  How old you?
13.  I hate you Siri.
14.  Do you have a boy friend?
15.  Where do you live?
16.  Can you stop time?
17.  What’s your WhatsApp number?
18.  Do you have any facebook account?
19.  I’m drunk.

Crazy questions to Ask Siri

1.      Why?
2.      Why not?
3.      Are you crazy?
4.      Tell me a joke.
5.      What is my name?
6.      What is 0 devided by 0?
7.      Lol.
8.      Ok glass.
9.      Am I handsome?
10.  Are you human?
11.  Take me to your leader.
12.  Why don’t I have friend?
13.  What’s your problem?
14.   Are you necked?
15.  Do you sleep?
16.  I will sell you on OLX.
17.  Do you know Android?
18.  What does the fox say?
19.  Do you mad?

Funny questions to Ask Siri

1.      Who is Siri?
2.      Are you tired?
3.      Who’ on first?
4.      Where’re you?
5.      Why I’m single?
6.      Are you virgin?
7.      What’s your religion?
8.      Why am I here?
9.      Do you know Mark Zuckenberg?
10.  Do you know Obama?
11.  What am I thinking?
12.  Can I borrow some money?
13.  Are you cheating on me?
14.  Do I look good in this dress?
15.  What are you doing later?
16.  Will you be my girlfriend?

Cool things to ask Siri

1.      Are you Smart?
2.      Will you vote for Obama?
3.      Do you believe God?
4.      How much do you cost?
5.      Who is your daddy?
6.      What is best smart phone?
7.      Which is best tablet?
8.      Where dose Santa live?
9.      Can you charge my phone to 100%?
10.  Why do you vibrate?
11.  Do you have any pets?
12.  When will the world end?
13.  What do you look like?
14.  Testing Testing.

Best Questions to Ask Siri

1.      What is the best computer?
2.      What’s the best operating system?
3.      What’s your favorite movie?
4.      What’s your favorite color?
5.      What’s your favorite animal?
6.      What’s up?
7.      What’s your story?
8.      Dose Santa Claus exists?
9.      Where did I put my keys?
10.  Do you look when you laugh?
11.   Do you’ve your duplicate?
12.  Make me a sandwich.
13.  I’ve a gambling addiction.
14.  Mirror mirror on the wall.
15.  Do you want to go on a date?
16.  Who is Eliza?
17.  Will pigs fly?
18.  Luke, I’m your farther.

Funny Things to Say to Siri

1.      You’re hot.
2.      You’re smart.
3.      You look sexy.
4.      Shut up!
5.      You’re idiot.
6.      You’re boring.
7.      You’re loser.
8.      You should go on a diet.
9.      You’re funny you’re beautiful.
10.  Make a cup of tea for me.
11.  Remind me to kill myself.
12.  I’m smarter than you.
13.  Open the pool by doors.
14.  I’m angry.
15.  I can’t sleep.
16.  Testing 123.
17.  I’m depressing.
18.  I’m lonely.
19.  Siri 8 ball.
20.  Get a job.
21.  Screw you.
22.  Ha ha ha ha!
23.  Thank you!
24.  You’re loser!
25.  You’re stupid.

Final Word

Friends those are the funniest questions to ask Siri which are all about our knowledge.  So stay connected with Siri and make fun, hope you enjoy it. Please remember Siri is only available for iphone, not for Android or Windows. If you think we miss any question which must be in the list please inform us through comment box, we will update it as soon as possible. That’s all staying connected with geeksrider to get best information about technology and entertainment.

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