20 Best Google Gravity, Anti Gravity Google And Google Zero Gravity Tricks In 2019

Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world. There is no doubt that Google is the number one searching site in the world. That is why every day millions of people all round the world use Google for their searching prepuces. Every internet user use at least once time in a day to get answer of his query in Google. Though there are many things of Google, which are still unknown to people out there. Initially Google was just a search engine but now you can make fun with Google.
In this article we are tell you about some best funny tricks like Google Gravity, Anti Gravity Google and Google zero Gravity. Those tricks will give you lot of fun and make you crazy your internet suffering internet.

What is Google Gravity and Google Anti Gravity Tricks?

Google Gravity is a process where Google show you different view and activity; in simple word it is a java script that executes the effect. These simple yet intuitive Google tricks refresh our minds and make us think that Google is a something more than a search engine. In this article we are collected Best 20 tricks. Some of them produce by Google and other has been developers. All the tricks are Gravity based that is why it’s called Google Gravity.

Top Google Tricks About Google Anti Gravity And Google Gravity Tricks

1. Google Gravity or Gravity Google

Google Gravity or Gravity Google is the one of the most popular Google search trick. The famous scientist Sir Ijek Newton discovers the low of Gravity. But hare Google discover a funny way to describe Gravity which give you lot of fun. In this tricks when you can see the entire Google search page object is slowly fall down due to gravity force. And finally the entire element found in the bottom of the page.
To use this tricks follow the steps bellow
                                I.            Go to www.google.com.
                              II.            Type “Google Gravity” in search box.
                            III.            Click I’m felling lucky instate of search bar.

2. Google Zero Gravity or Zero Gravity Google or Google Space

This is very interesting Gravity tricks that you must try to do again and again. Zero Gravity!!! How can it possible? Yes it’s possible. In this tricks when you visit Google search page, you can see all the objects are floating everywhere on your screen. Some of the objects are slowly fall down like space where gravity is zero.

3. Anti Gravity Google or Google Anti Gravity


Anti Gravity Googleis one of the Gravity tricks. This trick is just awesome. Although Anti Gravity Google tricks is very similar to Google zero Gravity tricks. In this tricks, when you visit Google search page you will notice all the object will not fall straight everything is floating towards opposite site of Gravity, that’s why it called Anti Gravity Google.

4. Google Mirror Gravity or Google Gravity Mirror    

In this amazing trick you can see mirror image of everything on your screen. Like Mirror all the search results will be displayed with reversed text, i.e. left side right or right side left.

5. Google Gravity Under Water

This is another most popular trick. This beautiful trick makes your screen look like an aquarium. In this trick you can notice that the background of the page is consisting of the underwater sea and all the objects on your screen are flowing inside water along with fishes.

6. Google Rainbow

Google Rainbow trick is the most beautiful trick among all. This trick shows you rainbow effect of Google.
To use this tricks click here or follow the steps:-
i.            Go to www.google.com.
ii.            Type “Google Rainbow” in search box
iii.            Click on I’m Feeling Lucky instate of search button.

 7. Google Guitar Gravity Tricks

If you are music lover then this tricks will gave you lot of fun. In this tricks you will see a Guitar on your screen and by using this Guitar you can create beautiful music and record it also. You create beautiful tone like Birthday tone, X-mass tone and surprise your friends.

8. Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is another entertaining and funny trick. In this trick zeros will fall and remove all the search result and visible only red and yellow color GG.

9. Winnie Google

Winnie Google is also little funny trick for its zooming out process. This one also amazing trick.
To use this tricks click here or follow the steps:-
                                I.            Type “Winnie Google” in search box.
                              II.            Click I’m felling lucky instate of search bar.

10. Google Sphere

In this trick you see your Google home page into a swirling ‘Sphere’. All object of your screen will start moving like globe. This is an amazing experience.

11. Funny Google

The name suggests that it is a Funny trick. Yes! It’s really funny. In this trick you can see Google logo has been replaced by your name.

12. Google Snake

Google snake trick is also cool and funny trick. In this trick you can see Google logo and Snake moving all round of your screen.

13. Google Terminal

This is a color full trick. In this trick you can see the entire object including Google logo is looks very colorful.

14. Google Loco

Are you wanted to see Google dance? In this trick Google show dance. The entire component including Google logo will dance on your screen.

15. Google Pac-man

trick is the little version of most popular game playable. In this trick you can play game by following bellow step.

16.Annoying Google

This is also a funny trick of Google. In this trick capitalization of your searches will change. Some results change into small and other are capital word.

17. Google Tilt

In this funny trick your whole screen will tilt.

18. Do a Barrel Roll

This is an entertaining trick. In this tricks you can see your whole Google search page will take a speedy spin and finally return to the original state.

19. Google Ninja

Who don’t know Ninja? Ninja is very popular fighter for us. This trick is for all Ninja lovers. The main theme of this trick is save energy and save the world for future. In this trick your whole screen is black and Google make reduces the power use.
That’s it, those are top 20 Google Gravity tricks, among them Google Zero Gravity, Google Gravity under water, Zerg Rush Google Gravityare really very interesting. You must try other trick also and know us how they make fun in your life through our comment box. And don’t forget to shear this article in Facebook, twitter with your friends.      

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