How To Remove Or Block Ads in Android Apps And Browser’s

You play an app or game, you may encounter banner ads. If you watch a video online, you may have to wait for tens of seconds before you talk. If you browse a web page, the ad may be richer. Admittedly, advertising is a way for developers to survive, but if it is not properly delivered, it will often cause users to resent. For all types of ads, the author has compiled the following methods to help you completely remove ads from Android phones.


Remove banner ads from your app


MinMinGuard’s role is to remove Google ads from within the app, but be aware that MinMinGuard is an Xposed module that requires ROOT permissions to work in addition to the Xposed framework. Although the threshold is slightly higher, the method of use is very simple. After entering MinMinGuard, check the app that needs to remove the ad and restart the app.


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Lucky cracker

Lucky Cracker can also remove Google ads from within apps, and the usage threshold is lower than MinMinGuard, just get ROOT permissions. It is not too troublesome in terms of specific operations. Long press the application that needs to remove the advertisement, choose to remove the Google advertisement – crack the Google advertisement, and wait for the result to be cracked after the application.


Judging from the effect of removing advertisements, the lucky cracker is not as good as MinMinGuard. Although the advertisement is gone, there is a black strip left. Another point to note is that you need to restore the application that has been removed from the original state before uninstalling the application. In the lucky cracker, long press the application and select “Remove ODEX Change”, otherwise it will be installed again. There will be a problem with “insufficient storage space”.


Remove ads before video playback

Youku companion

The original Youku companion only supported Youku. Although it is still called Youku Companion, it has already supported four video websites of Youku, LeTV, Iqiyi and Betta. Using Youku companion to call the local player to play, not only can skip the title of the ad, but also use hardware decoding to achieve power saving purposes.


In addition, Youku can also circumvent this limitation for the 40-minute preview of Youku’s web version. Just click the Share button on the web page or client and select “Play with local player”.

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ADSafe is a work developed by a domestic team. The interface is simple and clean, and it is easy to use. It only needs to obtain ROOT permission. According to the current version, the video client supported by ADSafe is quite rich, and it includes the clients of 20 video websites including Youku, Tudou, Sohu, and iQiyi. In addition, ADSafe also supports web ad filtering. Currently, there are 10 browsers supported by UC, QQ, Chrome, and Firefox. The number of video clients and browsers supported by ADSafe is surprising. To test the quality of ADSafe filtered ads, I also tested it with the Sohu video client and Chrome.

For the video client’s ads, ADSafe can be removed very well; but when using Chrome to access the Sina Touchscreen version, ADSafe doesn’t seem to work. I believe that with the continuous improvement of browser filtering rules, ADSafe will do a better job in web advertising filtering.

Remove the top-level ads from the Weibo client

Since the last method failed, many people have spent a “fabulous” time on Weibo with the advertisement of the top bar. There is no need to worry too much. Now there is a way to remove the top bar advertisement. It is applicable to the official version of Sina Weibo client 5.1.0, which requires the phone to be rooted and equipped with RE manager. The following are the specific steps:

  • Open the RE manager and mount the root directory as readable and writable;
  • Go to data/data/ and find weiboad3.jar;
  • Long press the file, select “Permission Settings” in the pop-up secondary menu, and remove the “Read and Write” permission selected by default;
  • Finally, I quit the Weibo client and re-open it. The top-page advertisement disappears without a trace.


The ads that are served are not all spam ads, and not all ads can seriously affect the user experience. Spam ads should be decisively blocked, but for those good ads that don’t affect the user experience, be patient or click to support these hard-working developers.