How to Block/Stop Spam Text Messages In Android & iPhone In 2018

Hay gays, today we are discuss about block spam messages, which is daily facing common problem for us. It’s relay irritating for android or iphone user. Large numbers of people all round the world facing this problem on their device. And it’s really happened and damage with my friends. It’s a daily problem for the country like India, China but USA announce spam message is illegal.

So friend now it’s the time to stop it. Hare in this article we are discuss about How to Block or Stop Spam Text Messages in Android and iPhone. So keep reading and know how to stop spam text.

What is Spam Messages?

Messaging spam or spam message is a special type of spam targeting users of instant messaging services, prirate messages within a websites. Spam message is also known as SPIM. Generally most of the spam messages contain advertisement or you are the lucky winner and win RS 10000$ or 5000$ win a car or like that.

How to Stop Spam Text Messages – Blocking Spam Texts

Spam message is really harmful for us. Those messages are relay effect your android or iphone. That’s why many countries announce spam message is illegal.

How to Block Spam Messages in Android or iPhone

Almost every iphone or Android users get spam text messages on their device. You already know that those massages can make serious damage on your device. So we are giving a complete tutorial both for android and iphone.

How to Stop or Block Spam Text Messages in iPhone

The good news for iphone users are you doesn’t need any foreign App to stop or blocking text messages. iphone has its preinstalled feature of blocking spam text message. You just need to follow the steps. Te steps are pertly simple.

                           I.            First of all open the massage and tap contact
                        II.            Now tap on the bottom appear ‘i’
                     III.            Now you’ll see a contact card for the spammer who sent you the message
                     IV.            Now scroll down and click on contact of spammer and tap ‘Block The Caller’    

How to Stop Spam Text Messages in Android

It is more difficult to stop or block spam text messages in smart device like Android than iPhone. There is no inbuilt stop spam text messages option in android device. That’s why you need a foreign App to blocking spam texts.
Here we are discussing about two android app those help you to stop or blocking spam text messages in an Android device.

            1.      TEXT BLOCKER
            2.      HANGOUTS

Block Spam Text Messages for Android Device Using TEXT BLOCKRE

              I.            At  first Download TEXT BLOCKER from here
           II.            Now successfully install the app
        III.            After complete the installation, scroll down at the bottom and just click the back bottom
    IV.            Congratulation, now you’re successfully blocked your all spam text messages in your Android phone.

Block Spam Text Messages for Android Device Using HANGOUTS

          I.            At  first Download HANGOUTS from here
       II.            Now successfully install the app, now your all messages will be scan  through the app
    III.            Now open any message that you think spam message and which you want to block
    IV.            Now click on dotes (‘…’)
       V.            Next click the option ®block option
    VI.            Finally a popup will appear, just click on it. That’s it.

Final Word

So friends that’s all, now you’ve successfully block your all spam text messages for your iPhone and Android device. Using the upper process you’ll never get any harmful spam message in your device either Android or iPhone. We hope you enjoy it and if you facing any problem throughout the whole process then inform us through comment box we will help you as soon as possible. Thank you very much, doesn’t forget to shear it with friend. Tack care, good bye.

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