How to Send WhatsApp Message Without Adding Contact In 2019

Hay! Now you can Send WhatsApp Message Without Adding Contact of your phone. yes! its 100% possible. You may know that send WhatsApp message to some one it’s necessary the number is already saved in your contact list.

In this article, we’re finds some tricks to send WhatsApp messages to a phone number without adding it to your contacts. so lets gets started.

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Send WhatsApp Message Without Adding Contact

Step 1

  • Open WhatsApp Direct >Select the recipient’s country code> enter the recipient’s phone number > Now click Send button

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Step 2

On iPhone and Android, you can install WhatsApp Direct on the Home screen by using the Add to Home screen option. In this way, you can launch WhatsApp Direct just like any other application on your device. To add WhatsApp Direct as a web application on iPhone or Android, follow these steps:

On iPhone

  • Launch WhatsApp Direct using Mobile Safari > Tap the Share icon > select Add to Home screen > then tap Add in the upper right corner.

On Android

  • Launch WhatsApp Direct using the Chrome browser > Press the Menu button > now Scroll down and click Add to the Home screen > click Add in the pop-up window

Final Things

WhatsApp will now behave as an independent app that can be launched directly from the home screen of your iPhone or your Android smartphone. So finally you’ll Send WhatsApp Message Without Adding Contact In 2019.

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