How To Slove or Fix Wi-Fi Problem in iPhone X And iPhone 8 Updated 2019

One of the most difficult problems you can encounter on the iPhone is that it has a problematic Wi-Fi connection or it can’t connect at all. You may have experience with all your friends or relatives using the iPhone to connect to your Wi-Fi, but your users can’t connect. Or, in some cases you can connect to other available Wi-Fi connections, but you can’t connect to only one. Or you may not be able to connect to any Wi-Fi connection at all. This sounds frustrating, right? And determining any of the above will make you feel depressed.

There are many reasons why your iPhone device can’t connect to Wi-Fi. We all know that connecting to a Wi-Fi connection allows us to do what we want to do, such as downloading apps, music, using iCloud to back up our data and recovering them on the iPhone, and of course upgrading the operating system. Go to a newer version. Fortunately, we have solved some basic troubleshooting methods for you to solve the problem on the iPhone. Also Check gps not working issue.

Basic Troubleshooting

Here, we’ve collected all the possible basic troubleshooting you can perform on your iPhone device so you can solve the problem of not being able to connect to Wi-Fi. All of our basic troubleshooting may not work immediately, but there is no harm in trying, because one of the solutions may be the answer to your question.

  1. Check your router

Once our iPhone device can’t connect to Wi-Fi, this is an instinct we often do. Check if the router is ON. And make sure you are still in range.

  1. Check your connection

Since you have already checked the router, why not check your cables and connections. If you have done a lot of troubleshooting on your iPhone device then it will be very annoying, and then suddenly all your problems are just because the connection is damaged or lost, right? Always remember that all devices need to be refreshed at some point. You can try rebooting the modem and router and trying to restart the iPhone. This way, both devices can be restarted.

  1. Force restart your iPhone device

If just restarting the iPhone doesn’t solve your problem, you can also try to force a reboot of your iPhone device. To do this, simply press and hold the Home button and Sleep/Wake button simultaneously until the screen goes black, then wait until the Apple logo appears on the screen, then release both buttons.

  1. Turn Wi-Fi on and off

Make sure the Wi-Fi settings on your iPhone are turned on. You can check if it is turned on by going to Settings and checking the Wi-Fi section. Or on the home screen, just swipe up the screen, and if it’s on or off, you’ll see the Wi-Fi icon.

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  1. Reset all settings on the iPhone

If just restarting your iPhone device won’t solve the problem and force it to restart, then you can reset all settings directly on your iPhone device. Keep in mind that the iPhone’s network settings usually contain all the information, including data connections or preferences on the Wi-Fi network.

Now, if a person is not working well or being destroyed, it may affect others. In this case, all you need to do is perform a “Reset All Settings” on your iPhone device.

To do this, go to Settings, select General, then find and select Reset, and finally click Reset Network Settings. From here, your iPhone will ask you to confirm the changes you want to make. To confirm, please continue to enter your iPhone and your password will be requested.

  1. Restore iPhone device to factory settings

Please note that before performing this step, make sure that all data in your iPhone device has been backed up, as this solution will eventually remove all data from your iPhone device. If you have not yet backed up your data, do not attempt to implement this solution. However, if you are sure to back up all your data from your iPhone device, you can continue and restore your iPhone to its original look.

To perform a restore of the iPhone factory settings, please follow the steps below.

  • Go to your settings
  • Tap regular
  • Find reset button
  • Then select “Delete all content and settings”

Your iPhone device will ask you to confirm the changes you want to make.

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The best way to fix iPhone’s inability to connect to Wifi

Now, in addition to all the troubleshooting mentioned above, you can fix this on your iPhone device, which doesn’t require you to reset your iPhone device, which can result in the loss of all the data stored in it.

Sometimes, one of the reasons why the iPhone is not connected to a Wi-Fi connection is a software malfunction or problem. Fortunately, our team has created a program to help you solve system problems on your iPhone. This program is called FoneDog Toolkit – iOS System Recovery.

Acker iPhone’s FoneDog can’t connect to Wifi is a program that you can use to fix various software problems on your iPhone device, as described above, where your iPhone device won’t be able to connect to a Wi-Fi connection. In addition to this issue, there are other issues with the FoneDog Toolkit – iOS system recovery tool that can be fixed.

FoneDog Toolkit features – iOS system recovery

It can fix error codes that may or may be encountered on iPhone devices when you try to use iTunes, such as error 3600, error 9, error 14, error 3194, error 4005, and so on.

  • Fix iPhone devices stuck in recovery mode
  • Repair iPhone devices without working slides
  • Fix frozen or unresponsive iPhone
  • It can fix loops on the Apple logo
  • Help you fix your iPhone in the safest, safest and easiest way.
  • It won’t lose any data stored on your iPhone device
  • Keep your data safe during the repair process.
  • Help you repair your iPhone device without losing any data.
  • Your privacy should remain secure.
  • Compatible with any iOS device, even those newly released devices such as iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X
  • Also compatible with any iOS version, including the new iOS 11
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows PC

With FoneDog Toolkit – iOS system recovery software, you will no longer need to contact Apple Support. You only need your computer, FoneDog Toolkit – iOS system recovery, USB cable and iPhone device. Here’s a quick step-by-step approach to how to easily fix an iPhone that can’t connect to a Wi-Fi connection.


Due to the above situation, your iPhone cannot connect to Wi-Fi, so you can perform many basic troubleshooting. Again, these are only basic, so there may be situations where they don’t work due to some software problems. The good thing is that we have established the right procedures for this situation.

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