How to Sign out/ Logout of Google Play Store Account In Android In 2019

Hi friends, geeksrider lunching a new post on your demand that how to sign out of Google play account. If you are that person who tries to log out Google play account in Android device or tablet then this article solve your problem. We all know Android is the world most popular operating system, because Android is the only operating system which provide you to run millions of Apps.  The android OS provide many features. It’s continuously launching lots of Apps, Games etc. We are mainly downloading and install those Apps Google Play account. Because Google play store is the biggest and main source of Apps and


game. But once you log in or sign in Google play store account it’s quite impossible to remove this account, because there is no inbuilt sign or log out option. That’s why you need to know the way to sign out of Google play a/c. Now you can Track your lost Cell/ Mobile Phone Location also.

How To Sign Out Or Log Out From Google Play Store On Android Device

The question is How do you sign out of Google play? Don’t panic friends we are describe all the successful and easy way to log out Google play? Also read how to fix Google chrome 404 errors.
                                            I.            Sign out Google play Account in Android device without App
                                          II.            Sign out Google play Account in Android device using logout App

How Do You Sign Out Of Google Play Account In Android Device Without App

This method is very simple and without using any foreign App you can easily sign out or log out Google play account. The steps are given bellow.
                                I.           At first open setting option of Android device
                              II.           Now  scroll down and find Account option
                           III.           Open account and hit on the option “Google”
                          IV.            Once you tap on Google Account you’ll see “Sync Setting” and at the right bottom you’ll see Remove Account option
How to Sign out/ Logout of Google Play Store Account
                              V.            just hit it and again confirmed it
                        VI.             That’s it, now your Google play account is remove from android device and ready to sign in with a new Account.

How To sign Out Of Google Play In Android Device Using Logout App

If the above process is not working or don’t understand then you can try this method. So follow the bellow sign out of Google play.
                                                        I.            At first download ‘log out’ App from Google play store( search by name “Log Out”) and install it
                                                      II.            Now run this App on your Android device and type your present user name and password
                                                   III.            Tap on “Logout all Account” and Confirm it
                                                   IV.            That’s it, now your Google account is removing from your device.
N.b:  in this process your all the Google account will be sign out. So make secure before confirmed it.
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So friend now the time to end our article, we’re hoping we solve your question How do you sign out of Google play. All the above two process is worked to sign out of Google play store. I especially recommended you to try the 1stone instate of 2nd one, you can do 2nd one in your own risk. I hope you like the article than shear with your friends to solve her problem.

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