Best Movies Site like PrimeWire in 2020

Streaming movies, shows, and series online is the most common way to access the latest movie releases and see your favorites. Streaming has revolutionized online video viewing by allowing users to view content without having to download the entire movie or show beforehand. Streaming offers even more benefits if you own a smart phone. You can watch online content anywhere with a decent WiFi connection. Although the number of online streaming sites is growing rapidly, PrimeWire continues to be popular. PrimeWire is a great choice for watching movies.


However, streaming sites like PrimeWire 2021 are not always reliable. If you do not want to miss an episode of one of your favorite shows, it is essential to be familiar with similar options. Here is a brief description of a good site like a primewire alternatives. Read on if you are looking for a movie site like watch movies primewire.

Top sites like PrimeWire


Afdah is a well-designed online video streaming website, with a huge library full of new movies and great websites like PrimeWire for TV shows and series. All content is divided into 27 genres and is more specific than PrimeWire, but can also be searched by title, director or actor. In addition, Afdah can be searched by language, but unfortunately it cannot be done with PrimeWire. Afdah also has excellent user support. If you find a broken link in a movie, you can report it immediately and the operator will try to fix it as soon as possible. Afdah is one of the most secure and reliable streaming sites and is a great alternative to PrimeWire. Afdah is a site like PrimeWire for iPad, PrimeWire for iPhone, PrimeWire for Android, etc. because it is compatible with many devices. If you want to know more about Afdah, there is a lot of information about Afdah on the web.

Snag Films

SnagFilms is a streaming site with a slightly different concept than other online streaming sites. The idea behind this concept is that SnagFilm organizes 5000 films into a collection based on similarity. And by similarity we don’t mean a genre. Given that there is a political crime movie; SnagFilms’ algorithm presents you with movies of other genres that may have similar political themes. SnagFilms is linked to all major social media sites, so you can instantly let your friends know what you are watching in a moment. There is also a preview of the movie.

Niters TV

If you are looking for something with a large library of movies, Niter is a decent substitute for PrimeWire movies. Niter has an easy-to-use interface, similar to the Netflix interface. When you open the website, you will see recently added Niter movies, just like PrimeWire, but you can also search in some other category (genre, release year) to find what you are looking for. When you click on the movie you want, you can read a simple synopsis, see the IMDB official formula for the movie, or watch the trailer. Like a free streaming site, Niter has plenty of ads and pop-ups, and installing a good ad blocker is definitely a good idea.


If you are looking for the latest movies, Yify is a great choice for PrimeWire online movies. Their collections are updated frequently and, like PrimeWire, all new releases are displayed on the homepage. However, using PrimeWire allows you to stream your movie online, but to use Yify, you must first download and watch the movie. In other words, you need free disk space for the files. Like the site above, this site can be searched with various parameters. Discover new movies more easily by genre, year, and more. As with PrimeWire, you have the option to sign up for the site. PrimeWire offers some additional features. Unfortunately, the site has been experiencing issues recently and access is not guaranteed and may take some time to load.

Cool Movie Zone

Coolmoviezone features a somewhat unobtrusive interface, but navigating your way is still a difficult task. Movies can be viewed in high quality and, like PrimeWire, there are some external links in case one of them doesn’t work. Aside from many other non-streaming features, PrimeWire is a one-click movie download feature. With Coolmoviezone you can do this in various formats (FLV, 3GP, WMW, MP4, and MOV). Surprisingly, after using the site for 5 minutes, which is unlikely at all on PrimeWire’s ad packing site, I have not experienced a single ad or pop-up. Although not one of the most popular online streaming sites, Coolmoviezone is a decent position to become more popular in the future.


First, let’s talk about one of the other streaming giants used by millions of users: Primewire. Most people have visited Putlocker, but it is one of the best options for watching PrimeWire TV-type content. Like PrimeWire, Putlocker also offers a wide range of TV shows. Putlocker’s movie collection is very large and has the same versatility as PrimeWire. You can search by various conditions such as genre, year, and recently added video. The interface is clear and easy to use, but packed with ads that can be annoying if used frequently. The movies are accurately labeled, and you can read brief plot descriptions for each movie without clicking on the movie. Your mouse over a movie to see the most important information related to that movie. With PutLocker, you can not only watch movies, but also download movies in HD. This feature is only available for some PrimeWire movies.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is arguably the clearest and modern interface, but finding what you are looking for is not as easy as PrimeWire. Unfortunately, apart from the genre, it is not possible to actually select any of the other parameters used in the search from PrimeWire. If you want to use Popcorn time in your browser, you need to download another browser plugin instead of the mobile app. The quality of the movie can also be selected before streaming and, like PrimeWire, a high quality version is available for all movies. If you want to watch your favorite movie over and over, you can save it as a bookmark.


Vumoo is primarily a replacement for PrimeWire, designed for users who know what they are looking for and know by title. Vumoo’s toolbar doesn’t have too many search options where the genre, year, and country are all missing from the usual parameters found on PrimeWire. But Vumoo has an endless collection of movies and shows. You can find all the episodes of your favorite shows in one place, provided a variety of online media streaming sites, and made Vumoo a decent alternative to PrimeWire.

Tinkle Pad

TinklePad is a simple streaming site with a shared database of 5 movies and Movie25. TinklePad is not as great as PrimeWire, but offers a decent collection of the latest and most popular pieces. The toolbar on the top page, like PrimeWire, allows you to search by genre, release year, etc., but with some options. TinklePad is one of the very few streaming sites where you can download content separately from streaming. If what you want to see seems to be missing from TinklePad’s collection, you can ask the operator to include the movie in the database. The site’s domain has recently been updated to, so make sure the correct address is stored.

Final Word

Friends that are the most popular and trust able best free movies streaming sites to watch free movies online without downloading. These free movies online no sign up give you all categories, from old to new generation along with all language movies. We’re hoping you enjoy it. Send your opinions through comment box but don’t forget to shear it with your friend through social media.