Top 5 Instagram Models to Follow in 2020

Instagram is nine years old now. Whether you use the app or the official site, you will find it easy to navigate. With millions of subscribers always sharing their content, it becomes an excellent social site. To some extent, companies have focused on Instagram as a marketing site. This is a non-reality model that teaches men to object to women and send messages to men everywhere that the only thing women have to offer is a beautiful boot or bubble hole.

Some remnants call for “DELETING INSTAGRAM” and “Stop using social media altogether”, but this is unnecessary and often unrealistic. Instead, I would like to encourage a different approach. There is nothing wrong with having social media feeds full of beautiful women and hot Instagram girls. Personally, I prefer to follow women on social media who are my friends, acquaintances, or intend to send messages, socialize and meet them soon.

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Kendall Jenner- @kendalljenner

Kendall has nearly 119 million followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And before you think it’s all due to Keeping up with the Kardashians, think about it: Three days after Kendall announced that she had been selected as Estee Lauder’s new global face, Estee Lauder’s Instagram account gained 50,000 new followers.

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Tyra Banks- @tyrabanks

Followers- 6.6 million

She is a supermodel, TV presenter, writer, activist, but she still finds time for her Instagram friends.

Miranda Kerr- @mirandakerr

Followers- 12.2 million

The Australian beauty keeps her personal life away from the social, but shares snapshots of photography, behind-the-scenes moments, and promotes her beauty brand, Kora Organics.

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Adriana Lima- @adrianalima

Followers- 12.4 million

Andriana is accustomed to publishing incredible, optimistic posts, has a huge fan base worldwide and one of the largest social media networks in the world of modeling. She is particularly helpful in her fluent English, French, Italian and Spanish and, of course, her mother tongue, Portuguese.

Cara Delevingne- @caradelevingne

Followers- 43.9 million

Known for her eyebrow shape, her special humor and her huge fan base in the social. Cara has no Facebook, but makes the most of the power of Twitter and Instagram

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