Top WeChat Hidden Features You Must Want To Know! New WeChat Tricks

With the continuous updating of WeChat, the new features are more and more developed. From the beginning, it can replace SMS, telephone, and later used to send red envelopes, transfer money, check road conditions… one is stronger than one, one is more practical than one. In fact, the function of WeChat is far more than what you see and think. There are a lot of hidden features in it, so let the sister take you to see it. Also Read- Google Maps GPS Not Working Properly On Android & iPhone

  • Collection Notes

You can create your own notes by clicking [+] in the upper right corner of [Collection]. You can put pictures, geography, voice, text, etc. together to help you collect every precious moment and help improve efficiency. Finally, you can forward your notes directly to any friend you want to send, super convenient.

  • Quickly Set Up Friend Circle Permissions

Clicking on a circle of friends, long press on a person’s avatar can quickly set the friend circle permissions for this person. It is very suitable for those who suddenly brush your screen and make your eyes annoyed immediately and decide not to look at him or let him see you. You don’t have to go to the address book to set it up.

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  • Secretly Look At Your Friends Reading Articles

What articles are the people in the circle of friends watching? It may be totally different from what you think. Click on the subscription number in the WeChat chat interface, then click on the search in the upper right corner and a line of words “Original articles read by friends” will appear. Click inside and you will find a wider world.

  • Do Not Let Others See Your Previous Circle of Friends

New friends, it is not convenient to shield people, but they do not want them to see their former self. You can choose to show your friends only the circle of friends for nearly half a year. Click [Privacy] in [Settings], and then find the [Allow friends to view the range of friends circle] option to select [Last half year].

  • Powerful WeChat Search Function

Directly click on the search in the upper right corner of WeChat chat, you can search the relevant content of the circle of friends in a targeted way. For example, if you want to find a comment on a movie, you can search for the name of the movie, and the circle of friends you have sent to this movie will be show. In addition, you can also search for articles, novels, etc. with keywords, and the final expression options are simply the necessary skills! If you just enter a table, the wording will come out a lot

  • Unilaterally Delete Friends And Add Back

If there are deleted friends want to add back? As long as the other party has not deleted you, you will re-apply for a friend, then the other party will not receive a reminder message from friends. God does not know it, everyone will not notice it, or a good friend. Very human.

As for how to know if you have been deleted by others? Build a group, add everyone in, as long as you don’t talk, others don’t know that you built the group. If the other party deletes you, the system will prompt him not to be your friend and need to pass the verification. After the test is finished, the group naturally does not exist, and God is not aware of it.

  • Shake A Song, Sweep The Word

The current shake is not the reflection of the pao artifact in your previous impression. Now it can also help you find songs and participate in TV activities. Sweeping is not just a function of scanning the QR code. Posters, English, and Street View can all be scanned. It is super powerful. Try it and you will know.

  • Voice Lock Login

WeChat has a voice lock login function, that is, you don’t need to enter a password when you log in or log out after logging in on a new mobile phone. You can say a few numbers. Find the first [Account and Security] option in [Settings], click to find the [Sound Lock] option, and then you can start setting up.

  • WeChat Adds Images And Text to Pictures

Many people are used to processing other retouching software before sending photos in a circle of friends, and then come back to WeChat. In fact, there is no need to be so troublesome. WeChat’s new photo editing function not only has the basic tools of brush, add text, coding, and cropping, but the most powerful thing is that you can also use the emoticon as a sticker! Select the image you want to post before sending a friend circle, and click Edit in the lower left corner to edit it.

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