WhatsApp Abbreviations list And Internet Slang – Abbreviation Words 2019

If you have spent more time on the WhatsApp in the last decade, you may have noticed that short forms of words used in whatsapp is used – what we call in English “abbreviation” or “chat shortcuts”.

In the forums, in the text messages, and in WhatsApp both Spaniards and English speakers use a lot of unpronounceable and often indecipherable abbreviations for a non-initiate.

Today we will see some examples of the most common “words” of the text speak. As far as I know, that’s going to be the first glossary in English and Spanish of WhatsApp abbreviations of the world! If there is another one out there, I can not find it The main thing to keep in mind before you start is the registration.

What I want to say is that you have to keep in mind that the “text speak” is not appropriate for all situations. There are abbreviations that are used on the internet because of laziness or lack of space, and there is real English. When you want to communicate as an adult, do not use the text speak.

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List of Abbreviations/ WhatsApp abbreviations in English

Here are some examples of the most common, then, of the text speak:

How R U? = How are you? (How are you?)

OMG = Oh my god (my god!)

IDK = I do not know (I do not know)

LOL = laugh out loud (laughing loudly)

WTF? = what the fuck? (What the fuck? It’s used to express surprise)

AFAIK = as far as I know (to my knowledge)

IMHO = in my humble opinion (in my humble opinion)

TBH = to be honest (to be honest)

ATM = at the moment (at this time)

gr8 = great (great)

C U L8R = see you later (see you later)

GTG = got to go (I have to go)

tl; dr = too long, did not read (used in forums on the internet to say that something is too long and boring to read)

BFF = best friend forever (best friend forever)

THX = thanks! (Thank you)

BRB = be right back (now I go back)

TTYL = talk to you later (we talk later)

YMMV = your mileage may vary (means you can have a very different experience from mine with something)

I prefer, personally, to put the majority in capital letters because this way it is clear that they are abbreviations, but there are many that do not do so. In text messages anything goes.

If you want to know more, here is a guide for parents who want to know what their children say in text messages, is on the page of a mobile phone company in the United Kingdom …

Interestingly, British children have abbreviations as PIR to say parents in room … That is, to warn their friends that it is necessary to moderate the tone because their parents are watching.

And for much more, here is a very complete glossary in Wiktionary (only in English).

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Final Things of Abbreviations

It must be recognized that jargon in some form has always existed and will always exist. More than a century ago, there was a whole jargon to communicate by telegraphy (shortening the words, also, because as per text messages, each word was paid).The military has always used a jargon to communicate in a less transparent way by radio. Many professions and many communities have a jargon that is used to identify with each other.The question is always to know the right record for the situation: if you know when to use your jargon and when it is better to leave it, you will have no problem. I also have my Wild West cowboy jargon, and I know when it is not appropriate to use it. Anyway.

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